Depending on how a customer answers questions, you can send a trigger email based on their response. Trigger emails can be sent based on yes/no or multiple choice questions. Or, you can send a trigger email no matter what the customer answers. 

Trigger emails can be used for many different ways. Here are a few examples:

1. You ask the customer which type of flooring they are most interested in. Our system will instantly send them your best offer based on what product they selected from the multiple choice drown menu. 

2. You ask a customer when they will be ready to make their next purchase. Our system will automatically send an email based on what selection they choose. If they choose 3 months, we will send them a reminder email with an offer included 3 months from the date they registered at your PURL. 

3. If you take a customer direct to your website after they register at the PURL, you may want another means of reaching out to that customer. Once they register, we can send them a savings certificate, or a certificate with a scan to win barcode, that they will then bring to your store.

With our trigger email technology, the possibilities are endless. Call us today to learn more.
Trigger Emails